Our Fantastic Toddlers (the Coconnetjes)

The cocoon only seems to enjoy the place where it hangs.
But appearances can be deceiving.
An enormous development is taking place inside.
Greater than in the rest of the life to come.
The cocoon learns very quickly and intensively.
You may not see it yet, but it stores everything in it.
What happens during this period determines how it will behave like a butterfly.
How much faith he has in the world.
And in his own ability.
How resilient he is.
How easily he can learn language.
How big his chances will be at primary school.

We are proud and grateful to be able to contribute to this important life-determining period for our toddlers.
Every day is a present.

Sing, chat and immerse yourself in exciting stories

Do it yourself. We can!

We like difficult games best because we are super smart (and curious ;-))

playing inside

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