We work in a small location.
Every pedagogical employee knows every child.
And every child every pedagogical employee.
That gives a safe and familiar feeling.
That is why there is plenty of cuddling, laughing and chatting!

The children learn to ‘do it themselves’ with us.
Super fun and incredibly educational.
We are therefore very proud of our children.
And they on her own! 🙂

Every day is an adventure.

Sometimes grand and compelling.
For example, playing around in the petting zoo or on a book hunt in the library.

Sometimes small and cozy.
Listening together to an exciting story or ‘working’ in the (indoor) vegetable garden.

Together we discover the world.

De rupsjes
(Baby group)

De coconnetjes (toddler group)

De Vlindertjes (toddler group)


I was very much against 'taking' my daughter. But am I glad I did! My daughter loves Sharon and Sherilaine. And rightly so: they are so sweet and patient! She is having a great time and feels completely at home.

My son loves the challenge with the toddlers: the games, learning to do it himself and of course his friends. I can never offer that at home. I am really happy with Komplayt!

Komplayt offers your child (ren) up to 4 years old a loving and cheerful place.
Trained and experienced pedagogical staff will give your child a great day.
Your child will play indoors and outdoors together with friends.
It will experience adventures, sleep in a safe bed and feast on delicious meals.
In addition, your child learns a lot: a lot of language, aiming, playing together, caring for flowers and much more!
This way your child will be well prepared for primary school.

Nice that you choose Komplayt! It is best to register via our website.

In the morning we start with fresh bread. Of course invested by the children themselves!

In the afternoon there is a delicious hot lunch.
With a lot of vegetables.
But you don’t taste any of that 🙂

In the afternoon we enjoy yogurt, fresh fruit and / or a healthy snack.

The rates of Komplayt childcare are all-inclusive:
including diapers, baby food, fruit / vegetables, warm lunch, snacks, etc.
We make a new calculation of the rates every year.
You will be reimbursed a substantial part of the costs through the Tax Authorities, this is called childcare allowance (KOT).
As a result, the actual costs are a lot lower.
How much childcare allowance you will receive depends on your income.
You can find more information here.
Are you stuck? We are happy to calculate with you.

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