The opinion of parents is very important to us.
This way we can meet the needs of our families.
We would like to hear your individual opinion.
But also through the parents committee we hear what parents want and what not.

Sometimes practice does not match an expectation.
Sometimes things turn out differently than wanted or hoped for.
You can of course submit a complaint.
Feedback allows us to improve our services.

We would like to hear your opinion during the oral or written transfer.
It is nice if you express your opinion directly to the person concerned.
This gives the person concerned the opportunity to provide an explanation and agreements can be made immediately if necessary.

Our parent committee consists of the following members:

  • Mrs. Odaisy Lavin Garcia
  • Mrs. Agata Baran
  • Mrs. Catherine Dicataldo
  • Mr. Jonathan Ramos Deudor
  • Mr. Lorenzo Dicataldo

They meet several times a year to evaluate the quality of Komplayt.
On behalf of the parents, they can question the Komplayt management about quality.
They also have advisory rights.

This means that they provide advice on the following matters:

  • the implementation of the quality policy, in particular the pedagogical policy (with regard to the quality of the staff, the group staffing and the pedagogical policy)
  • general policy in the field of nutrition, education, safety and health
  • the opening hours
  • the policy on pre-school education
  • adoption and amendment of the complaints procedure
  • changes in the price of childcare

The parents’ committee will shortly introduce itself to you on a separate page of this website and you will find the dates of the meetings.
You can reach the parent committee by e-mail: This allows you to contact them – without the intervention of Komplayt. For advice, questions and complaints.

If you have a complaint, you can make this known in a number of ways.

1.) Address the person in question.

2.) Submit the complaint to the management. This can be done by visiting the office or emailing

3.) Submit a complaint to the complaints committee.

We work through a complaints procedure. You can download this here.